Tutors will advise students on how to practice out of hours and suggest areas to work on. Regular daily practice is more effective than longer weekly sessions. Students are encouraged to develop the skills to work independently, but parental support is vital, particularly in the early stages.

Progress and examinations

Pupils progress at different rates and are encouraged to develop at their own pace. HMS teachers will present pupils for examinations when they feel the time is right.

Instrument advice

It is not advisable to buy an instrument without consulting your tutor via the Music Centre. Children should be helped and encouraged to keep their instruments clean and safe and teachers will offer advice on maintenance. In most circumstances parents or carers will be liable for the repair or replacement costs of damaged instruments on loan from the school so insurance should be considered.

Books and other equipment

From time to time, parents and carers will be asked to buy books, sheet music and equipment such as replacement strings, reeds etc. Teachers will provide advice, but parents and carers should make sure that they have the correct information before purchasing.

A basic music stand is a good investment, it helps develop good posture and tone production.