Data Privacy Notice

Havering Music School is part of Havering Council and complies with its data privacy policies, which can be found at under ‘Data and Spending’.

 We process your personal data and your children’s data:

  • To fulfil our contract with you (e.g. for tuition, ensembles, instrument hire or exam entries);
  • To meet legal requirements, including safeguarding;
  • With your express consent, to provide you with information about additional opportunities promoted by HMS, by our partners or jointly;
  • With your express consent, to create and use audio and visual records of events:
  • Please note however that we always video the major concerts in November and June and it is not practical to exclude individual children from the video recording.

 We share your personal data with:

  • Internally with departments within Havering Council, principally with the Income team, for purposes of billing, revenue collection and account management.

 We share your children’s personal data with:

  • Our own instrumental/vocal tutors, for purposes of providing music education;
  • When relevant, staff and volunteers on trips, for purposes of safeguarding (medical and emergency contact details, which are collected in and destroyed at the end of the trip);
  • Exam boards, for purposes of administering exams. Data privacy notices for the exam boards we routinely use are: (GCSE Music)

  • Havering College (GCSE Music candidates only), whose data privacy policy is here:

  • With your express consent, with partners but only when necessary and only when we are satisfied that their own data privacy practices are robust.

 We use a third-party system called Paritor Ensemble to process your data and your children’s data. We have contracts with Paritor for the system and for data hosting on servers located in the UK.  Information about this can be found at

 We do not transfer your data outside the UK.

 Questions about this notice should be addressed to the Music School Manager. Complaints may be raised with the Music School Manager or through Havering’s complaints portal at