HMS Virtual Ensembles and Theory Groups

If your child is taking part in a theory class, it is useful to have either an exercise book or a sheet of writing paper and manuscript paper plus a pencil and rubber to hand.  Manuscript paper can be downloaded and printed free of charge at http://www.free-printable-paper.com​. 

Pupils learning the ocarina will need to purchase a 4-hole ocarina from http://www.ocarina.co.uk. They will supply a free copy of ‘Play Your Ocarina Book 1’. If the code MTB is used, a free cd will be included.


Time Group Teacher
16:00 Beginner Theory Miss Mendham
16:30-17:30 Theory

Beginner to Grade 5

Miss Mendham
17:30 Beginner Theory Miss Hill
17:30 Junior Ocarina

(Years 3-6)

Mrs Skinner
18:00 Beginner Theory Miss Hill


Time Group Teacher
17:30 Infant Choir Mrs Di Camillo
18:00 Junior Choir Mrs Di Camillo


Time Group Teacher
Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
17:40 Beginner Theory Miss Hill
18:00 Brass Ensemble

(all grades)

Miss Claeys
18:00 Folk Ensemble (C instruments from Grade 1 upwards) Mrs Skinner


Time Group Teacher
16:00 Beginner Theory Mr Newby
16:30 Beginner Theory Mr Newby
17:00 Beginner Theory Mr Newby
17:30 Beginner Theory Mr Newby
18:00 Wind Band (all grades) Miss Claeys, Mr Newby and Mr Miller


Time Group Teacher
9:00 Choir

(All years)

Mr Linham
9:00 Theory Grade 4-5 Mrs Luck
9:00 Creative World Ensemble Miss Panjanaden and Mr Margalit
9:25 Theory Grade 1-2  Miss Tweddle
9:25 Senior/Chamber Choir (Year 6-13) Miss Torti and Mrs Di Camillo
9:30 Infant Ocarina

(Year 1-2)

Mrs Skinner
9:45 Theory Grade 2-3 Mrs Luck
9:55  Y2 Musicianship Mrs Di Camillo
9:55 Beginner Theory Miss Tweddle
10:20 Stage Band Mr Linham
10:35 Theory Grade 1-2 Miss Chitty
10:35 Beginner Theory Miss Tweddle
10:45 Beginner Theory Miss Torti
10:45 Theory Grade 4-5 Mrs Luck
11:00 Sabato/Concordia Strings (Grade 1 upwards) Mrs Tweddle and Miss Panjanaden
11:05 Kindergarten Mrs Di Camillo
11:05 Theory Grade 1-2 Miss Chitty
11:20  Beginner Theory Miss Torti
11:30 Theory Grade 1 Mrs Luck
11:30 GM Jazz Mr Linham
11:30 Grade 6+ theory Miss Morgan
11:35 Music Time Tots Mrs Di Camillo
11:35 Theory Grade 1-2 Miss Chitty
12:00 Theory Grade 3-5 Mrs Luck
12:05 Theory Grade 1-2 Miss Chitty
12:25 Year 1 Musicianship Miss Maude
12:30 Vivace Strings (Years 3-4, Pre-Initial grade) Miss Norris and Mrs Lewis
12:30 Folk Ensemble (C instruments from Grade 1 upwards) Mrs Skinner
13:30  Infant Recorder (Year 1-2) Miss Tweddle and Mrs Skinner
14:00  Oboe Performance Class Miss Lee


Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar



Piano lessons (in pairs of students) are available at Weekday and Saturday Music Centre as a second study to a main instrument. There is also provision for keyboard and piano lessons in some schools.


Tuned Percussion, Drum Kit, Voice


KS1 Pupils (Infant)

Students in Yr. 1 and 2 have a very limited range of instruments to choose from – Violin, Recorder and Fife are excellent choices of “age appropriate” instruments which can help lay the foundations of musical learning. Please see our Kindergarten and Infant Music leaflet for further details.

Get Into Music

Havering Music School understands the demands placed on family finances and have developed an innovative plan to help you budget for your child’s music lessons in a cost effective way.

This plan has already been adopted by 46 schools with more joining in 2019.

For further details please download the “Get into Music” brochure from our home page or enquire at your child’s school.

The scheme is only available the following schools at present, but it is anticipated that many more schools will eventually be covered:

  • Abbs Cross Academy, RM12 4YB
  • Harold Wood, RM3 0TH
  • Harrow Lodge, RM12 4BP
  • Havering Sixth Form, RM11 3TB
  • Hornchurch High, RM12 4AJ
  • Benhurst, RM12 4QS
  • Bower Park, RM1 4YY
  • Branfil, RM14 2LW
  • Clockhouse, RM5 3QR
  • Crownfield, RM7 8JB
  • Crowlands, RM7 9EJ
  • Dame Tipping, RM4 1PS
  • Elm Park, RM12 5UA
  • Engayne, RM14 1SW
  • Gaynes, RM14 3UX
  • Gidea Park, RM12 5AJ
  • Goodrington, RM11 2LJ
  • Hacton, RM12 6AU
  • Harold Court, RM3 0SH
  • Havering College, RM11 2LL
  • James Oglethorpe, RM14 3NB
  • Langtons, RM11 3SD
  • La Salette, RM13 8SP
  • Marshall Park, RM1 4EH
  • Nelmes, RM11 3BX
  • Parklands, RM1 4QX
  • Parsonage Farm, RM13 9JU
  • Raphael, RM11 1BU
  • Redden Court, RM3 0TS
  • R J Mitchell, RM12 5QB
  • Royal Liberty, RM2 6HJ
  • Sacred Heart of Mary, RM14 2QR
  • Sanders, RM12 6RT
  • Scargil, RM13 7PL
  • Scotts, RM12 6TH
  • St.Edward’s Primary, RM1 4BD
  • St. Albans, RM12 5LN
  • St. Joseph’s, RM14 2QB
  • St. Mary’s, RM12 4TL
  • St. Patrick’s, RM5 2AP
  • St Peter’s, RM1 4JA
  • Suttons, RM12 6RP
  • Squirrels Heath Junior, RM2 5TP
  • Towers Junior, RM11 1PD
  • Upminister Junior, RM14 3BS