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Welcome to Havering Virtual Music School

Welcome to Havering Music School’s website. You can find a family quiz on our learn page and programme notes on our events page. We will also be updating our news page.


Dear Parents and Carers,


Dear Parents,

Thank you to all those who took part in the challenge at 5pm on Friday. Please share photos to our facebook, twitter or instagram, or email

Looking forward to the next Friday at Five on 10th April. Open your windows, or play in your garden to your neighbours.

We have added new things to our website.

There is a quiz for families, and we have a concert club, with programme notes by Andrew Smith... a must visit.

Stay well and stay safe.

Kind regards

Karen Tweddle




Dear Parents and Carers,


Havering Virtual Music School


I am pleased to say that we have made contact with over 500 parents and our staff are now organising Zoom appointments for FREE lessons online!

To celebrate this launch, we want all our students to practise a piece and perform every Friday at  5 pm. We would love to see your videos of this, so please feel free to share on facebook@haveringmusicschool, twitter@haveringmusicschool and Instagram@haveringmusicschool.

We want to see you all making music.

Please send us any pictures and as the weeks go by we will be organising a music quiz of the week and also signposting you to free concerts online. We also have plans to have a free Havering Music School concert online, but first of all let’s just get music making.

We want to offer parents the opportunity to learn, or have brush up lessons if they used to play a long time ago. If any of you do not own an instrument, and would like to borrow one, please get in touch with me and I will see what I can do to drop one at your home for a voluntary donation to Friends of Havering Music School.

I would need to send you a hire agreement so you are responsible for the instrument, and it would need to be returned when Music School re-opens. We have limited stock and access.

Finally, I am learning how to do a podcast, so I can speak to you next time on the website.

Thank you for continuing to support Havering Music School and please all take care. We do hope you enjoy making music and we hope to hear you all on Friday at 5pm.

Kindest regards

Karen Tweddle



Dear Parents and Carers,


We just wanted to reiterate our earlier email, which advised that we will be suspending your 24th April and 24th May direct debits for music tuition.


The 24th March payment could not be stopped as we did not have sufficient time.  The March 24th payment pays for two lessons in April for most school based tuition. These will be made up when we return if necessary.  The Music School based lessons run for two weeks in April as well and we will look into how this can be resolved when we are back.  Please do bear with us, we want Havering Music School to survive and thrive. We can all see how music is helping around the world at this very difficult time.


Please be advised that all mandates are suspended for the foreseeable future and therefore you do not need to take further action.  Thank you for all your understanding.


We are working on delivering free lessons and details will be put on our website. There will be lessons and resources available for your children to use whilst they are being taught at home.  As I said, this will be free.  However, we are making sure we adhere to all child protection requirements and we are not quite ready to roll this out.  Please do keep checking our website for updates.


Thank you for continuing to support Havering Music School and please all take care.


Kindest regards

Karen Tweddle


Get Into Music

Havering Music School believes instrumental lessons are only part of giving your child a rounded musical education. The additional skills learnt by regularly playing and performing in an ensemble, accompanied by theory/musicianship lessons, are proven to be the most effective method of speeding your child’s musical progress and development.


Music Centre

Weekday Music Centre is open at Havering Sixth Form College on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in term-time. A limited number of instrumental lessons are available, but the main focus is on ensemble playing under the guidance of specialist tutors. Membership is open to children from Year 3 upwards.

Saturday morning music school (8.25am-12.35pm) caters for infants to sixth formers. A varied range of lessons and ensembles are available and students work to a timetable tailored to their individual needs, helping them reach the highest possible standard but with an emphasis on learning to play with other musicians.

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