About Us

We teach more than 2,350 primary, secondary and college students every week, focusing on developing sound technical and musical skills to promote self-expression, communication skills and confidence.

A further 1,500 children in 23 primary schools take part in weekly class ensemble tuition.

Instrumental lessons at our Saturday and Weekday Music Centres are available to children of any age or standard. Students come from all over Havering as well as from Redbridge, Barking and Essex.

Havering Music School nurtures a close-knit community of students, who are encouraged to strive for the highest standard of musicianship in a happy and structured environment. They will have many opportunities to participate in events that not only help nurture their individual talents but are great fun.

As the lead organisation for the Havering Music Education Hub we work closely with a range of partner organisations, including the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Opera House and London Chamber Orchestra, to give students the chance to perform at major London venues and work alongside some of the country’s finest professional musicians.


Whether we are guiding students towards eventual professional music careers or simply giving them a love of music that will have an enduring influence on their lives, Havering Music School aims to help every student fulfil their potential.


Karen Tweddle


If you are interested in learning an instrument please get in touch