Weekday Music Centre

Weekday Music Centre is open at Havering Sixth Form College on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in term-time. A limited number of instrumental lessons are available, but the main focus is on ensemble playing under the guidance of specialist tutors. Membership is open to children from Year 3 upwards.

We offer a tiered/progressive programme that takes students on a journey from the junior ensembles through to the senior bands and orchestras. Most groups take on new players at the start of each term. Children will progress as soon as their tutor feels they are ready, although auditions may be necessary for the more senior groups. Students are welcome to attend a free taster session.

Elementary Wind Band
An enjoyable introduction to playing together for children in the early years of tuition. Pre-Grade 1 to Grade 3. Wednesdays 4.00-5.00pm.

Training Brass Band
An introduction to brass band playing that prepares younger members for progression into the Havering Youth Brass Band. Grades 1-4. Tuesday 4.15-5.15pm.

Concordia String Players
An opportunity for young string players (of junior school age) to discover the pleasures of playing together. Initial to Grade 3. Wednesday 4.30-5.30pm.

Guitar Ensemble
A small, friendly group for young guitarists to play together in a structured environment, covering a range of acoustic and electric guitar styles. Initial to Grade 5. Tuesday 4.30-5.30pm at Abbs Cross Academy and Art College.

A specialist training orchestra offering a broad repertoire of popular and classical styles to prepare students for entry into the Havering Youth Orchestra. Grades 3-5. Wednesday 5-6pm.

Creative World Ensemble
This ensemble offers beginning musicians the opportunity to create music together without the need to read notation, focussing on developing aural and musicianship skills. Wednesday – Primary students 6-6.30pm, Secondary students 6.30-7.30pm.

Youth Brass Band
Open to brass players and percussionists, the Youth Brass Band performs a wide range of music and often represents Havering in events outside the borough. Grades 4-8. Wednesday 6-7.30pm.

Havering Youth Orchestra
The main orchestra for the borough’s finest young musicians, Havering Youth Orchestra performs a wide range of music and members are expected to have good sight reading skills.

The entry standard is approximately Grade 5 for string players and Grade 6 for wind, brass and percussion. Entrance is by invitation only. Wednesday 6.30-8pm.